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2024 Global Foundry Industry Innovative Technologies and Products Evaluation

The 75th World Foundry Congress (WFC2024), with a theme of “Developing Foundry”, will be held in Deyang, China from Oct. 25th to 30th, 2024. This event is hosted by the World Foundry Organization and organized by Deyang Municipal People’s Government, Foundry Institution of Mechanical Engineering Society, China Foundry Association, and the National Key Laboratory of Advanced Casting Technologies.

The "2024 Global Foundry Industry Innovative Technologies and Products Evaluation” event will be held concurrently with WFC2024, aiming to discover, select and promote the excellent technologies and products in the field of foundry industry to stimulate innovation, promote technical progress and sustainable development of the foundry industry.

Targeted Applicants

The entire chain of the foundry industry, including domestic and foreign enterprises, universities, and research institutions.

Scope of Entries

Innovative products, technologies, materials, processes, and applications in the foundry and related industries.


Each participant shall submit only one innovative technology and product.

The launch time of the innovative technology and product shall be in the period from 2022 to 2024.

“Application Form- 2024 Global Foundry Industry Innovative Technologies and Products Evaluation” should be submitted with detailed and complete information.

The company certification documents, such as the copy of business license should be submitted, as well as the awards and patent license of the innovative technology and product.

Evaluation Principles

The evaluation committee is composed of experts from the Academic Committee of WFC 2024, and the evaluation rules are as the following:

Technical innovation: The degree of technical innovation, scientificity, difficulty or complexity.

Economic and social benefits: Economic benefits, social benefits, development prospects, and potential benefits.

The role in promotion of scientific and technical progress: The transformation, application and promotion of the technical achievements. How do the innovation technology and product optimize the industrial structure or promote the technical progress?

Intellectual property: Whether the applied technology and product have independent intellectual property rights, adopt corresponding protection measures or not, and the effectiveness of protection.

Schedule for Application and Evaluation


Applications can be made through the recommendations by the member countries of World Foundry Organization (WFO) or Chinese provincial organizations (society or association), or directly by the company/institutions. Please submit the application forms during the following time: Application time: Feb. 1st, 2024 to Jul. 31st, 2024.

Preliminary Evaluation and Public Announcement

The evaluation committee will conduct preliminary evaluation in succession on the submissions for innovative technologies and products, and after the public announcement, they will enter the final evaluation phase.Preliminary evaluation time: Feb. 1st, 2024 to Aug. 21st, 2024.

Final Evaluation and Result Announcement

The final evaluation results are generated after open reply by applicant and scoring by evaluation committee. The final evaluation results will be announced.

Final evaluation: Sep. 1st, 2024 to Sep. 15th, 2024

Final result announcement: Sep. 16th, 2024- Sep. 25th, 2024

Awarding and release of innovative technologies and products

The awarding ceremony and launch for innovative technologies and products would be held at the 75th World Foundry Congress.

Winners of the "2024 Global Foundry Industry Innovative Technologies and Products" will receive certificates and medals, and have the opportunity to present their innovative technologies and products to the global foundry industry at the 75th World Foundry Congress. It is expected that 1,500 representatives with over 400 from overseas would attend on WFC 2024.

Publicity and Promotion

The organizing committee will comprehensively report this event through the following medias:

the official website of the 75th World Foundry Congress (

the website of the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES)


WeChat accounts of FICMES.

Foundry journal.

Other Medias.


The evaluation is non-benefit service works without any application fees.

The evaluation committee will make the judgement in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, and the final evaluation result shall not be negotiated.

Attachment: Application Form-2024 Global Foundry Industry Innovative Technologies and Products

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